Ultimate Secret Super Power

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Ultimate Secret Super Power

Ultimate Secret Super Power is one of the many amazing inventions by shruew. You can read about it at it's production web site http://www.ultimatesecretsuperpower.com

The website ad had the following text:

You can have Ultimate Secret Super Power.

This is not a pill, this is not a drug, this is not a lubrication.

With Ultimate Secret Super Power you can do things that you thought were improbable. I'm not going to oversell you, it will not do things you thought were impossible. However, the rare things you were thinking of, like that time you were on the toilet waiting for that poop that just wouldn't come, you know what I'm talking about, you thought about it, it seemed reasonable...Ultimate Secret Super Power can get that for you.

For seventy four easy payments of an amount to be determined, you can have Ultimate Secret Super Power. But, don't take my word for it.

"Hey, I'm a totally different person now. I bought Ultimate Secret Super Power and all I can say is WOWZ. I used to have no luck with women, a clubbed foot and something called cancer. But, with Ultimate Secret Super Power, I have a plastic amulet, no women, a clubbed foot and cancer."

Gents, it doesn't get better than this. With Ultimate Secret Super Power you can have everything your life desires as long as it is somewhat reasonable.

This is not just a plastic amulet. This is Ultimate Secret Super Power. Proven by those same British scientists that proved that dogs were psychic. Why would the British lie? They have no reason.

However, you have reason to get: ULTIMATE SECRET SUPER POWER.

Not available in Tennessee.