Takeda Manamoto

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Takeda Manamoto

Takeda Manamoto is New York's unofficial ninja protector. He spends his days and nights roaming the deadly streets of New York City looking for crime. Unfortunantly, he has developed a poor reputation as his battles often accidentaly lead him exposing his genitals to little children.

He has made a series of public announcements to clear his name and to discuss his recent business ventures here: http://www.rangersquad.com/smf/index.php/topic,596.0.html

His other business ventures include performing at child's parties, making and advertising his own donut cream filling, running an orphanarium and coaching situational pass rushing for American football.

Takeda is part of the movement to raise the popularity of Ancient Game of Ball Slapping. He also seems to have a British friend named Sexton Nardswaller.