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RS- Tag

The clan tag for all members is RS- right before their names. In times of national distress, emergencies, or steathly checking out new games, members of RS sometimes will use the HAM- tag with an appropriate meat based name.


Before joining RS: PlayerName

After joining RS: RS-PlayerName

During times of national distress: HAM-MeatName


The history of the tag has been long lost until January 16th, 2010 when Romaniac and shruew decided to unleash the secrets of the tag. All know the founders of Ranger Squad,shruew and Thorn, created the clan name... but why? The beginning letters of Ranger Squad happen to be the beginning letters of shruew and ranger (Thorn's previous alias). Was this by chance? No. shruew and Thorn created the tag RS before the name of the clan existed.

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