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Some say he has no understanding of clouds, and he naturally faces magnetic north. All we know is...he's called LoveOfProfit.

GenG's View

His gut tells him LOP is a Japanese Korean from China.

Gay Affair

It has been proven by the Tribunal of Moo that Profit had a gay love affair with a goat

Stat Whore

He is known to be, and has himself confirmed this to be true on many occasions, a complete stat whore. RS-Bocephus made his day when he released his complete spreadsheet for Season 2 of the Realism1 league, which showed LOP to have killed 243 enemies, most of them in ways that the Department of Ethics and Logic does not approve of, citing overuse of the sniper rifle. With 75 deaths, this gave LOP a 3.24 K/D ratio which, having crossed the magic 3 to 1 kill to death rate, he considered to be acceptable.


His love of stats as earned him the nickname of Maxi Pad.

Conflict with the Department of Ethics and Logic

LoveOfProfit has been cited as a serial offender by the DEL, achieving notoriety during his brief stint in COD: WaW during which he was best known for calling in packs of hungry dogs...non-stop.

On 1/20/09 LoveOfProfit extended an olive branch to the DEL, vowing to not snipe in the new TCC league, and instead using conventional assault rifles. However, ignoring his vow LoveOfProfit has since sniped in official TCC league matches.


Go study for your exam!


Instances of "Suspicious Behavior"


Date: 12/05/2009

Issue: RS-Bocephus received a message from the leader of clan "ESC" that Profit and Nacho were no longer welcome in their freeze tag server.

Reasoning: "I've had alot of complaints concerning Profit and Nacho and I'm really sick of all the pm's, emails, and demo's that I get about these guys (and from people I don't even know).

I watched them tonight and they do seem to be WAAAAY better then the norm.

I can't prove they are doing anything wrong but I want to let you know that they are sooooooo freaking good and our server has just casual players......I think they need to play somewhere else."


Date: 5/31/2010

Issue: RS-Squizo alerted Profit while he was on vacation that his GUID showed up on PBBans, where he was banned for WallHacking via the proof in a demo from the 82ndAB Server.

Reasoning: 82ndAB was killed too much by Profit, and thus the conclusion they reached was that he must hack. After recording a demo of him pwning face, they sent it in and got him banned. As it turned out, he does not hack (indubitably to 82nd's great disillusionment). After extensive appealing, upon reviewing the Demo in earnest the PBBan was lifted.


On 9/23/2012, Profit was faced with the challenge of counting higher than RS-LostPawn did in one breath when she was five. He succeeded, making it up to 80. Certain members believe he cheated, as he didn't not properly pronounce all of the numbers. This matter is under further investigation.