Infested Award Season 2 Results

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Infested Award Season 2 Results

Realism1 Season 2 Infested Award winners.

Regular Season


Most Awards During the Season

5 - RS-Thorn
4 - RS-Death
3 - RS-Jethro, RS-shruew
2 - RS-Bocephus
1 - RS-Dolph, RS-Infested, RS-Paralized,RS-Volatile


RS-Bocephus Gains Attention

RS-Bocephus came to national attention when he tied the record for most Infested Awards in a season claiming 2 awards in the first two weeks. Most pundits think he is a lock to shatter the record this season; pending any major injuries.

RS-Infested's Declaration

At 11:22am CST, Oct 9th, 2008 -- RS-Infested vowed to not let Bocephus claim this record. As of 10/24 and 3 matches later, RS-Bocephus still has not been able to break the record. His rabid fan club, consisting entirely of adoring college aged women from all corners of the globe, is quick to note that he has only competed in one of the three matches (not including two rounds of week 3) following his sweep of weeks one and two and that he has actually claimed this illustrious award in two of the three matches he has competed in for an impressive .667 winning percentage. Not surprisingly, many of these women have vowed to name their first born child in his honor.

A Record Is Established

In week 5, RS-Dolph took sole possession of the record for most all-time Infested Awards with 3

A Record Is Tied

On 11/1/08 (week 6) RS-Jethro tied the record for most season Infested Award wins with two.

On 11/7/08 (week 7), RS-Thorn claimed his second Infested Award meaning three players are set to potentially break the record this season. This win also tied him with RS-Dolph for most all-time Infested Awards.

THORN DOES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/15/08 (week 8) was a groundbreaking date for RS-Thorn. He broke the record with his third Infested Award in a season! In addition, (with 4) he also took control of the all-time record for most Infested Awards ever! He also tied RS-Infested and RS-Bocephus for most Infested Awards in a row with two. He also tied RS-Death for the highest number of assists in a match. Most pundits believe this will eliminate any contention for RS-Thorn being RS Voodoo Chieftain.

BUT IT DOESN'T LAST LONG (I've heard that about Thorn)

In week 10, RS-Death's second consecutive win tied him for: most Infested Awards in a row (2), most Infested Awards in a single season (3) and all-time Infested Awards (4). After a Bye week, he promptly followed this up in week 12 with his third consecutive Award (his fourth of the season), taking sole possession of the single season record, the consecutive Awards record and matching RS-Thorn's all time mark (5).

Infested ties record

Round 1 of the playoffs saw RS-Infested record (6) assists and tie the single match record.

THORN DOES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (again)

Round 2 of the playoffs saw RS-shruew and RS-Thorn tie for the Infested Award. This brings RS-Thorn into a tie for the most all-time Infested Awards (5) and RS-shruew close behind with 4.

In the Finals, RS-shruew and RS-Thorn again tied for the Award! RS-Thorn has reclaimed the record for most all-time Awards (6) and leaves RS-shruew tied for second place (5).

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