Department of Ethics and Logic

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Department of Ethics and Logic

Founder and Executive: RS-Romaniac


This position is currently vacant.

RS-Jethro - appointed on Nov. 21, 2008 at 2:22 PM EST. Jethro vacated his position when he came down with a debilitating mental illness and left RS in January of 2009.


The Department of Ethics and Logic (DEL) was established to allow members of RS to discuss and criticize aspects of games that violate the Laws of Ethics and Logic; e.g.: Martyrdom in COD4 and COD:WaW; dropping an active bouncing betty if carrying it and getting shot - another form of martyrdom in COD:WaW.

Any weapon, perk and ability that is recognized as unethical/unlogical or dirty, cheap, overkill, BS, gay, shitty, piece of shit, etc. by the majority of players and ultimately by the DEL, is officially referred to as a 'Dirty Stick'.


The Department of Logic was created in the wake of Call of Duty: World at War being introduced to RS. The theoretical base for the DEL was started by Rom, an original member, in the "Golden Days" of the "Delta Force: Black Hawk Down" - RS's first game. Rom started his Logic sermons about DF:BHD ethics/logic offenses soon after joining the squad. Among many issues, a notable offense was the use of M203 Grenade Launchers. Rom spoke about this on many occasions.

Logic offenses in 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

COD4, RS's second major game, had a few Logic Offenses. These however helped Rom gain power and supporting members in his quest for Ethical and Logical gaming. Many agreed with Rom's points on artillery and helicopter support use; as well as martyrdom and last stand. Modifications (Mods) to the game were soon created, altering the game for maximum realistic settings, while keeping it a fun game. Even these however were not perfect, but they were highly effective and popular.

Logic offenses in 'Call of Duty: World at War

Also known as COD5, the World at War title brought even more support to Rom's movement. The problems that existed in COD4 were still present and some negative aspects were even added. A thread titled "Why COD WaW sucks" was started by RS-Jethro where RS members added their own lists of complaints. In that thread, RS-Thorn, Voodoo Chieftain, was quoted as saying "Rom has brainwashed you all" - which was mostly incorrect. Though Rom has expressed grievances with the game, these appeared to be shared by other members, whom were unaware of Rom's attitude towards them. This was a pure 'grass roots effort' Mods are expected for COD5.


A well known and frequent customer of dirty sticks is RS-LoveofProfit (AKA Profit, LOP), who has no inhibition about using grenade rifles, betties, sniper rifles (in excess), and any way of killing as many opponents as possible. He has been criticized by many RS members and the word "Gay" became a synonym for his name within days of the game's release.

RS-Thorn, Voodoo Chieftain in the Congress of the Cow, has also been seen mingling with dirty sticks.

Big Dirty Sticks

There are many dirty sticks available, but a select few are the dirtiest.

COD4 exclusive Dirty Sticks

Helicopter Support; AKA: Hole Maker - call in a Cobra or a KA-52 attack chopper upon acquiring seven (7) kills in a row. These choppers have uncanny ability to find enemies even if they are in buildings or hiding behind objects. It also hangs around too long and can take a lot of fire before being disabled. If the team getting shot by the helicopter is getting destroyed, the helicopter will automatically switch to dildo ammo and aim for the anal openings of the enemies.

COD:WaW exclusive Dirty Sticks

Dog support; AKA: Uncle Makers - the equivalent of the helicopter support in COD4 this allows a player to call in a pack of attack dogs (Either German Shepherds of Super Black Dogs) when managing a seven (7) kill streak. These dogs will take a lot of direct hits to be put down, they will dodge bullets, they will come out of nowhere, they will follow you up stairs or any locations which you are able to access. If the team getting eaten by these dogs is getting destroyed, the dogs will sense this and automatically start attacking the genitals, ripping them one by one. If that is unavailable, the anal opening may be attacked. Cases have been recorded where whole bowls have been removed through the posterior end.

The Grenade Rifle; AKA: Shuttlecock Launcher - this is an attachment given as an option for bolt action rifles. Upon impact, the 'cock will explode in a hot shower of deadly goo and spread it's load over a very wide area. These 'cocks are also known for their easy aiming.

Bouncing Betty Drop; AKA: Left Ball Drop - the left ball drop occurs when a player is walking around with the bouncing betty selected is killed, followed by the betty being dropped and becoming active; essentially another form of martyrdom, except less overkill since the betty has to be selected, restricting the use of a gun.

Shared Dirty Sticks

COD4 and COD:WaW shared some offending aspects.

Artillery; AKA: Noise Maker - call in an barrage of artillery when on a five (5) kill streak. These barrages last too long, they are too spread out and most importantly they make the ground shake and emit excessive and very annoying noise. If the team getting shelled is being destroyed, the artillery fire team will change to ammo containing genital crabs.

Sniper Rifles; AKA: One Eyed Monster - The act of sniping is not necessarily easy, especially at long distances. Scope drift exists even when prone. However, sniper rifles are available in semi-auto versions, making them overly deadly in Hard Core mode and even in regular mode.

Martyrdom; AKA: Whip It Out - this perk allows a player do drop a grenade upon their death. It is an unsolved mystery of how a dying or dead man can pull the grenade pin.

Last Stand (COD4)/Second Chance (COD:WaW); AKA: The Fluffer - allows a player to switch to their pistol (or secondary main weapon if available) and fire for a few more seconds, attempting a revenge or a kill. The player will be immobile and will be sitting on the floor.

The DEL Outlook and Recommendations

The DEL outlook is that a player can be their most ethical, most effective and most deadly without the use of dirty sticks.

The DEL recommends that RS should play their best without utilizing, or minimizing the use of, dirty sticks. This shows that our players can still kick ass without being hookers.