Congress of the Cow

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Congress of the Cow

To start the process, a member must formally call for the Congress of the Cow. Members then must vote for this motion by shouting "Moooo!" Then, when the criteria is met below, the Congress of the Cow is considered called.

When 9/16th of the RS Senate members vote and get the approvals of 4/13th of the Judicial Committee, Ranger Squad may call for the Congress of the Cow. During such time all important matters will be voted on "woot-off" style until each matter is resolved. RS Voodoo Chieftains can, at this point, call for an obligatory vote on any matter they have felt has been pending for some time. Until resolved, all such matters will not be subject to the rulings of RS Peanut Gallery until such time until the votes have been counted.

RS Supreme Justices cannot intervene during these procedings, regardless of their feelings on such matters. However, RS Union Local 3521 can vote to suspend all services during this time. Of course, any RS Apache Indians are void and not subject to such rulings.

Jewish members of RS may at this time wish to do things they consider right. However, such things will not be rendered official until 4/19ths of the RS Harams have ruled so.

This is to keep everything simple and easy.

Consolidated List of Known/Unknown Members / Groups in the Congress of the Cow

  • Senators
    • 16 Members - Members Unknown
  • Judicial Committee
    • 13 Member Committee - Members Unknown
  • Voodoo Chieftains
    • Numbers Unknown / 1 Sub-Group Known : Jewish / 1 members known RS-Thorn
  • Peanut Gallery
    • Unlimited Members - Members Unknown
  • Supreme Justices
    • Numbers Unknown - Members Unknown
  • Union Local 3521
  • Apache Indians
  • Jews
    • Numbers Unknown - Members Unknown
  • Harams
    • 19 Members - Members Unknown
  • Chief of Ninja Group
    • 1 Member - Member Unknown
  • Ninja Group
    • Suspected Group - Members Numbers and Unknown

Thorn's Claims Jewish Voodoo Chieftain

Thorn has recently announced his intention to become the first Jewish Voodoo Chieftain in the Congress of the Cow and would like your vote.

With no one running against him, Thorn declared himself Jewish Voodoo Chieftain and has assumed all the roles, responsibilities and graft that comes with that job.

shruew creates Chief of Ninja Group Position

In retaliation of Thorn claiming, without a vote, the position of Voodoo Chieftain, shruew created a brand new position Chief of Ninja Group.

The specific roles and responsibilities of this position, and the implied group behind it, remain unclear. shruew himself did not even claim the position he had just created.

(Not Very) Recent Votes

On 10/7/08, the Congress of the Cow narrowly voted to ban "ass pompoury" while also voting to keep "ass potpourri." Despite strong opposition from the RS Apache Indians, the bill narrowly passed.

Thorn vowed that if elected Voodoo Chieftain he would overturn this highly controversial bill.

Recent Developments

On 9/12/12 RS-GenG threatened to call for the Congress to rule GenG's Theorem as irrefutable fact.

Within days of joining Ranger Squad, RS-LostPawn became dangerously close to being called before the Congress of the Cow.