Call of Duty Era

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Call of Duty Era


This era included the game Call of Duty 4, (briefly) Call of Duty: World at War, and potentially briefly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Member Recruitment

This era saw a large jump in membership from the Battlefield Era. The effort to try and attract more mature members worked wonders and many great contributors were gained. Some of the more notable early adds include: Bocephus, PARALIZED , Dolph, Infested, Stew, Death, Jethro, LoveofProfit, Swany, sIKEo, and [smOKe] (Now named skyLark)

Some more recent notables include: NaChO, Zabb, reef, Sarg, Python, NYB100, and Squizo

(edit GenG- I think I have gotten everyone, please let me know who i have forgot to add)

Some of these players have left on less than ideal terms.

Competition play

Ranger Squad got involved in playing competitively more than ever before, joining the Tactical Realism community. The squad has done well taking 4 championships between two leagues. The squad also took a disappointing second place in their first season.

Inactive players

Players that went inactive during this era: