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Ass Balls

A disease which causes testicles to grow from the anus.

Relation to ordinary balls

There are two types of Ass balls, named AB1 and AB2 respectively.

AB1- Ass Balls Type 1. This is a birth defect where a person does not have frontal testicles, but instead grow his fully functional balls from his anus.

AB2- Ass Balls Type 2, or Adult Onset Ass Ball- This is a disease where a man will grow non-functional testicles from his anus in addition to his fully functional frontal testicles

Be aware that Ass Balls and "Shit Balls" are not the same.

Ass Balls in Ranger Squad culture

After much controversy it was decided that Ass Balls are not allowed to be used in the Ancient Game of Ball Slapping

Cheyenne, WY is known to suck Ass Balls

It is suspected that Swany has Ass Balls

Famous People With Ass Balls

Stalin is thought to have had ass balls.