The Beard

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The Beard

The Beard has always existed. It predates, and in fact might have even caused the creation of, the universe.

In times of great peril and need, The Beard seeks out a worthy bearer and enables them with needed gifts of power. The most recent bearer, RS-Bocephus was blind, deaf, mute and impotent, but alas, worthy of The Beard. He was given the gift of vision, speech, a functioning phallus and partial hearing in one ear.

On the 19th of August 2012 The Beard once again began its search for a worthy bearer.

Previous Beard Bearers

Before deciding to create man and the bearded lady to bear The Beard, The Beard considered other animals such as billy goats, tamarins, male wild turkeys and markhors. Having judged and finding such creatures wanting, The Beard created man.

Motivational Aspects

"COMMIT TO THE BEARD" was a rallying cry used to pull the team through Season 2 of TCC playoffs. Which Ranger Squad eventually won.