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Tactical Clan Competition (TCC) is a tactical realism league that was created by Clan Bones as an alternative to Realism1. The TCC league uses the Open Warfare MOD for matches and the game-play is quite similar to that found in Realism1 - with the most notable difference being the absence of 'friendly' player name tags and the lack of silencers.

Season 1 saw seven teams competing and used a full season Round-Robin format with each team playing the others twice (home & away). The League Champion was determined by best Won/Lost record. Season 2 used a Round-Robin format with each of the 18 teams playing every other once during the regular season. The top 5 teams, based on W/L record then played a double elimination tournament to determine the League Champion.

TCC has played 2 seasons.

Ranger Squad Unit Logo for TCC


Season Schedules & Standings

Season 1
Season 2 Regular Season
Season 2 Playoffs

Season Champions