Strike System

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Strike System

Ranger Squad uses what is called a Strike System of punishment. Each strike is held against you for a lifetime, or until the Congress of the Cow feels (usually with their hands) that you have sufficiently made up for your crimes.


Ranger Squad does not release its list of offense to the public yet. Some day soon....


The number of strikes possessed corresponds to a certain punishment. Some offenses can count for two or more strikes, in this case the offender is subject to the punishment they have reached, and all preceding punishments up to the last strike level possessed.

These punishments are as follows:

1 Strike: A Stern Paddling. If the offender enjoys this punishment it is up to the Voodoo Chieftain to issue an equal punishment that they will not enjoy.

2 Strikes: Romanian "getaway". The offender is forced to spend a day with Romaniac in the nude. They must do what ever he tells them to. He is never gentle...

  • This was originally the only punishment until it was found that both less severe, and more severe punishments were needed.

3 Strikes: You're gay. ( see 3 strikes and you're gay law )

4 Strikes: Complete suspension of all Ham rights. This includes, but is not limited to, eating, drinking, looking, living, worshiping, cutting, cooking, and experiencing ham.

5 Strikes: This punishment for 5 strikes is still a mystery. Some believe that it is carried out by Ninja Group