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shruew - co-founder of Ranger Squad. The 's' in shruew is always lower case. Noted for his ability to kill fish with his mind.

Mating Habits

When it is time for a shruew to mate, they let out the call, "pew pew pew!" Further research has proven this to be false. shruews reproduce asexually. Or, at least they attempt to two or three times a day.

Have you noticed a faint whistling sound when shruew talks on TS these days? He recently lost a tooth while engaged in an epic battle over a potential mate with an impostor. RS-Bocephus saw it on YouTube

Rumors of Testical Size

It is rumored that he has one giant ball and one normal sized ball.

Noted Inventions

Is a noted inventor having created Ultimate Secret Super Power and Atomic Super Lasers from the Future.

Literay Genius Recognition

Widely recognized as a literary genius with such characters as Captain Hamington, Takeda Manamoto and of course, the epic tribute to ham - 101 Haikus About Ham.

Hatred of Belize

shruew shocked the political community during a recent campaign speech where he discussed his intent to rule the entire world in peace, but with the exception of "Belize, those fuckers are on their own!"

shruew's campaign advisers have been unavailable for comment. The government of Belize however, declared Oct 15th a new yearly national day of mourning called - Shunned by shruew Day. Or, in the native parlance, "Evitado por el dia de shruew."

Eternal Love

On Oct 17th, 2008, shruew informed the world that he was enternal love. Any feelings of love felt throughout the world is directly because of shruew's gift to the world. He is enternal love, he gives enternal love, you owe him your enternal love (he also accepts cash).

shruew cites this wiki entry as conclusive proof that he is indeed Eternal Love.

On October 5th, 2009, Thorn, using the powers granted to him by his position as Jewish Voodoo Chieftain within the RS Congress of the Cow, officially and permanently revoked shruew's rights to all things eternal love.

Clown Transportation Needs

Requires a vehicle that can transport more than 14 standard metric clowns.




The pressures of day in and day out founding have left shruew a feeble, mentally broken rodent and he will be remanded to the Ranger Squad Sanitarium and Salmon Cannery until further notice.