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Aka ... Doctor Acula, Marry Poppins, The Romanian Barry White, Eggplant.

Tends to say, "Hookers."

Seems to be easily susceptible to peer pressure.

Background Information

Romaniac (Rom) was born in the Sudan to Al Elbawa and Meira Takalanaba in the small Sudanese town of Porkbin. He was sold into slavery at the age of 7 where he was forced to work several years on a German cruise line. It was here that he had his first homosexual experience with the cruise ship's cook. Rom also converted from Islam to Haitian Voodoo during these years. After being freed and spending years with his lover, Joachim, the cruise ship was sunk by gay pirates and Rom was once again set into bondage and experienced a life of deckswabbing. He swabbed many a decks and was the ship's main cannon cleaner. Rom took well to his job and his cannon polishing became renowned and admired all the way from Key West to San Francisco.

Rom, now age 15, was attending the Gay Pirates Association of Cannon Polishers (Gay PACP) in the United States when he saw his chance for escape. Murdering a young teen protester of Gay PACP, Rom took his place and has posed as that family's son ever since.

One year later, Rom discovered Ranger Squad when accidentally linked over from a German midget porn site, Das Stunties!, to the RS webpage.

Sexual Social Behavior

Attempted sexual intercourse plays a major role in Romaniac's society, being used as an attempted greeting, a means of attempted conflict resolution and attempted post-conflict reconciliation. With the exception of a pair of dick weeds in New Mexico observed also not doing so, Romaniac was thought to be the only human to have been shut out of engaging in all of the following sexual activities: face-to-face genital sex, tongue kissing, and oral sex.

For Romaniac, attempted sexual activity happens within the immediate family as well as outside it, and often involves adults and children, even infants. Romaniac cannot form permanent relationships with individual partners. He also does not seem to discriminate in his sexual behavior by gender or age.

Romaniac frequently engages in various forms of male-male genital sex. One form has two males hang from a tree limb face-to-face while "penis fencing". Male-male attempted sex may also occur where two males rub their penises together while in missionary position. A special form of sex called "rump rubbing" occurs to express reconciliation between two males after a conflict, where they stand back-to-back and rub their scrotal sacs together. The Congress of the Cow is presently debating making "rump rubbing" the official conflict reconciliation process within Ranger Squad.

Encounters with strippers

Romaniac's first encounter with a stripper came on April 1, 2007. He went with some friends to a birthday celebration for one of them. He tried paying $5 for something "special". This bought him some hair pulling. shruew was quick to point out that Rom was willing to pay $5 to have his hair pulled by a stripper, but was unwilling to pay $10 for a Battlefield expansion pack. After this encounter Romaniac was instantly smitten with strippers. Several marriage proposals, and lawsuits later, he has finally broke the habit.