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You'd never know it but, he's one of the youngest RS members at 15. He is often called a hacker, and he loves it. He also loves to "toot his own horn".

Known for his Mommy Complex

He has proven that he is by far a mommies boy! It is rumored that his mom is a hottie...MILF It is also a strong possibility that his mom is using the alias Renae and may very well be confined in RS-Pythons basement.


RS-SaRg is sometimes called "Junior" because he set a couple scrims together and RS started to call him the Junior Match Assigner (help with wording?), which eventually just became Junior.


People in some servers have started to call him "pewZ" because they saw the name RS-SaRg.pewZ and for some reason, left out the "SaRg" part entirely.
It has never been ".jewZ" and has nothing to do with J-Night.

He, KalzOr.pewZ, and Zabb still use the .pewZ.

Kicked for being too "god-like"

8-23-09 RS-SaRg was playing in the XI Freezetag server 1. He was on the "god-like" kill streak, and his K/D ratio was 40-1. He was about to shoot another victim in the 6th round of his pwning, when his screen blacked-out and had little letters in the middle that wrote "Player was Kicked"


Go do it.