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Does not regularly participate as a forum user. Possibly allergic.

Origin Story

This historical collaboration is produced in its entirety by RS-hexapuma, RS-LostPawn, and Zer0man... enjoy :)

Once upon a time, on Venus, there lived a little girl named Noosette. She was gay. One day, while she was walking through the capital city of Venusia, Fungal Forest, licking the dirt out of her toe nails, she saw a strange object fly through the forest. It was the color of puke and shaped like the Cat in the Hat. Noosette daintily approached the creature by skipping through the forest like a little Ethiopian goat farmer, banging pots and pans. She gave out the classic Venisian yoddle of welcome, "Adleadadadadyeadle." The creature not understanding Noosette, thought "WTF" and cocked an eyebrow, and stared at the young girly girl. Finding the creature attractive, Noosette turned around and scratched her butt hole as a sign of polite inquiry. The now-confused, and mildly repelled creature backed away from the stinky girl, not knowing how to reply. Seeing this as a clear sign of submission, Noosette reached down and grabbed a mucus grub and began to suck on it. After finishing her bug, she found another and offered it to the creature. The creature hoping to gain friendly relations with the indigenous species, took the bug and licked it. Noosette understood the creature's gagging on the bug to be a sign of affection towards her; a marriage proposal. The excitement of this reaction caused Noosette's eyes to cross and drool to pool in and drizzle from her mouth.

The creature, thinking the girl has gone into a seizure, approached the girl and began poking her with a stick to see if she is okay. The girl, jolted from her revery, took the poking of the stick as a sign to begin the mating rituals. She immediately began to dance and skip naked around the creature. Seeing the girl dancing and skipping made the creature feel so relieved that he could no help but join in the dancing. Noosette's heart began to flutter at seeing the creature speeding up the mating process so quickly by joining into the dancing. She proceeded to leap onto his back, as was the custom in her culture, to begin the next step of the process, the arousal phase. The creature, thrown off balance by her weight on him, fliped his tail about in an attempt to balance himself. Feeling something hard poking against her, Noosette accepted the creature's offer to begin the penetration phase by immediately grabbing the creature's long prodding appendage and sliding down onto it.

Feeling his tail being used like a dildo, the creature began to panic and try to get the girl off his back, and in doing so, made the ride for Noosette extremely pleasurable. After a minute of struggling to detach the horny girl, the creature finally knocked her off...and unfortunately, having taken so long to get her off, he ended up knocking her up too! The creature retreated to his ship and left the planet immediately, soaking his body in bleach to try to rid himself of the girl's putrid smell. For decades after his encounter with Noosette, the creature suffered from sleepless nights, waking nightmares, and the echoing of Venisian yoddling in the back of his mind. Eventually he was committed to a psychiatric ward, where he lived out the rest of his life in a state of mildly lucid sedation. Venus was marked as a hostile and dangerous planet by the creature's race, and never again visited by them. As for Noosette, she experienced 9 months of agonizing torment while her mutated off-spring developed within her. After a very short labor, she excreted new life onto the surface of Venus, a son, named after his mother...Noose.

The End.