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Zouo has been known to use many aliases. (172 to date) here are just a few of them.. KalzOr.pewZ, Kyz-Kyz.<3, Kalashnikov, [smOKe]., Joker?!! and RS-skyLark just to name the most popular.

Known by everyone else in RS as: Kaj (To RS-Rom), Calzone, English Muffin, Jane and most recently Zoey (To RS-Dolph).

Also known as "British Dolph" or "British British Dolph" to RS-H2o5.

Many feel he should change his name to RS-Alias and end this madness.

Type of Lifeform

Recent evidence suggests that he is a gyrating crotch that gyrated so much that it obtained sentient life. This is not a pleasant life, though one would think it would be.

The body he surrounds himself is silicon based animatronics.



Kalz0r has been part of an extraordinary amount of controversies. Many wonder if he's not a British agent sent to disrupt American operations.

The List

Kalz0r first attempt at destroying Ranger Squad was with the creation of The List.

Worst Member: Operation THUNDERBALLZ

Became a full member of Operation THUNDERBALLZ on August 30, 2009.

Is widely believed to be the worst member ever.

Was almost kicked out of Operation THUNDERBALLZ, but was eventually saved through the incredible legal gymnastics of RS-chillybilly.

Suspected He-Witch

On the heels of successfully defending his right to be in Operation THUNDERBALLZ, RS-LoveofProfit posted a response leading many to believe that Kalz0r is a He-Witch.

More than one Ranger Squad member has accused him of he-witchcraft, he-bitchery, and he-implementation of air castles with said abominations.

Jethro's Prophecy

Some wonder if Jethro foresaw the evil of Kalz0r, and was merely ahead of his time.

Characteristic Feminine Indecisiveness

He changes his name in accordance to the rapacious proclivity of predatory Hawaiian caterpillars, who unfortunately have a tendency to eat live prey whenever the chance arises.


Founder of the .pewZ Est.2009

The brotherhood of the .pewZ is watching...