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Homo or just super gay?

The word on the street is that he doesn't care, either way. He's open to any opportunity to use his nib.

While hyped up on meds, he'll go by the name "Jimmy the Fist". Do NOT let him get behind you.

Views on LoveOfProfit

His gut told him that he is a Japanese Korean from China.


On Oct 19th, 2008 RS-GenG shamed RS when he incorrectly declared pissclams. He failed to declare it, he just said it.

Amateur Archaeologist

GenG is the resident Ranger Squad archaeologist who is unafraid to dig through ancient forums in search of insights of the early Eras of the squad.

He is known for fearless throwing himself at his research. Unafraid of any topic, he will stroke any flaccid topic until it comes alive with gooey insight.