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Common nickname for Hank Williams Jr. Hank got the nickname from his famous father, who looked in the cradle and just called him "Bocephus." Bocephus is a common phrase airbrushed on 1984 Ford F-150s.

Master of the Spreadsheet

Regionally known as the Master of the Spreadsheet.

Size in Relation to Thorn's

To quote RS-Bocephus to RS-Thorn on the shoutbox, "Yours was enormous when compared to mine."

Often asks...

"Have you seen my beard?"

Infallibility Argument

"I used to have a beard."

To date, no adequate response to this argument has been found.

The Beard

Is simply the host of The Beard.

Mesmerize yourself:


Bocephus has been playing the latest Call of Duty game on his watch. The crazy thing is that it's a wind-up. He has cited this as his reason for his crappy play.

He must turn it 42-thousand times for 3 minutes of play. This is why he has been so busy at work lately.

Daily Routine

A dramatized version of Bocephus's daily routine can be found here:

Differences to Reality

To date the only difference in the dramatized version to the real life exploits of Bocephus is that Bo actually faces two babies each day.

Wiki Edits

Enjoys when new edits are done to the Wiki. Perhaps a little too much...

Quotable Quotes

"WHAT DOES 8-10 STAND FOR?" -Response to someone doing poorly and trying to rip on RS in the cesspool known as MW2.