Infested Award

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Infested Award

The Infested Award goes out to the RS memeber who has the most assists in a Call of Duty 4 match. The award was originally only issued for Realism1 matches but is now issued for TCC league play as well. It is named in honor of one of RS-Infested's matches where he racked up a ton of assists but very few kills.

RS-Infested Suggests Rename

During the afterglow of a glorious Season 2 victory on November 1st, 2008, RS-Infested suggested that the Infested Award be renamed as he no longer gets assists. This suggestion was widely denounced.

Ironically, RS-Infested failed to claim a single Infested Award during the regular season. He did, however, redeem himself in the first round of the playoffs.

Award Winners: