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His last words were, "Fuck These Bitches." Truer words were rarely spoken.

Movie Trailer

The RS-Dolph movie trailer was released October 16th, 2008. The voice over reads:

In a world...where one man stands before the bomb...he's killed every enemy except one...he screams, "Fuck these bitches!"...and then he's killed...RS-Dolph...Coming soon to a theater near you.


On Oct 20, 2008, Dolph purchased a new vehicle. Upon finding out the car could only hold 14 standard metric clowns at any time, shruew dismissed it for his purposes.

The specifics of Dolph's new car still remain clouded in mystery but it can also transport up to 30 midget clowns, not including a full sized driver.


When he looks at a salmon steak, it's a safe bet he sees something most of us would not.

"Dolph is Gay"

One of the grander and more treasured traditions in RS is to declare "Dolph is gay" at the end of a public map when there is only 1 or 2 seconds left before the next map loads.

Dolph's Return!

After many tear filled months, the powers of the wiki are again in his control! (8/2/09)

Physical Characteristics

Has a turbo ass, a kung-fu grip and a ninja finger.


Sorry ladies (and Malaysian lady boys), this one's taken!

Special Testicles Provisions

Whenever Dolph travels out of state, he always hires at least one sack bearer.

Criminal Activities

Could be a bank robber.


  • Sometimes known as "Dolgh."
  • The Gin-Jah Nin-Jah


Is a ginger.

Sperm Viability

Dolph definitively closed out one of the longest running mysteries in Ranger Squad... whether or not his sperm of viable. He announced in TeamSpeak on 7/21/12 that he and his non-ginger bride were expecting a child, aka the dolphspring.

The following Monday, Chad Ochocinco changed his name back to Chad Johnson for mysterious, and potentially related or unrelated, reasons.

Server Admin

Dolph is rightfully known as a dedicated and admirable server admin based on keeping the Ranger Squad DayZ server running despite insurmountable odds. It's been speculated that had Dolph been admin'ing the Titanic it would've lasted at least an extra 4 hours, 23 minutes, 51 seconds longer under similar circumstances.