148 Days

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148 Days

At the conclusion of TCC League Season 2 in which Ranger Squad was once again the league champion, RS-shruew pondered just how long this season was. As much as he contemplated, he could not recall the beginning of the season. What was the weather like back? How was the economy? In fact, no one within RS could remember.

It was then that RS-shruew decided he had to find out. Just how long ago did this season start. Were there still dinosaurs? Were the Cubs fresh off a World Series victory?

RS-shruew's Quest for the Duration

Quickly racing to his basement and Chinese sweat shop, RS-shruew gathered his finest mathematicians. Supplying them each with an abacus and holding their children hostage, shruew demanded an answer to just how long did this season last.

Early estimates ranged from 1.4 to 2.9 billion years.

shruew watched in amazement as the Chinese went to work. Beads flew back and forth on bamboo rods. He could see the sweat on the brows form as the number grew and grew and grew.

Finally, after sixteen hours of calculation the Chinese had an answer - 148 days. In retrospect, perhaps some of the dramatic tension was lost given that the title of this entry was, indeed, 148 Days.

To check their work, shruew recreated the calculation in 2 seconds on a spreadsheet and pondered why he kept Chinese abacus experts in his basement. Seems somewhat unpractical in this day and age.

shruew then released his findings to to rest of Ranger Squad. Upon seeing the 148 day calculation Bocephus declared "That is 25% too long!".